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Lady Needs Receipt After Paying N1.3 million Rent By Having S*x With Her Landlord.

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  • Gender: Male
   Lady has revealed how she had sex with her
landlord on several occasions which has amounted
to her N1.3 million house rent in Lekki.
According to the lady, she is a professional escort
who got coincidentally was sent to her landlord to
service him severally after every sex, he asked
her to deduct it from her next rent and it has now
surpassed the cost of her rent for next year but
she needs help getting a receipt to prove she has
paid for the rent.

She wrote;

Iím a bit confused on the status of my house rent
for next year?
A client saw my reveiews, all 5 stars and
excellent, he contacted me and we agreed on
N90k, only for him to give me his address and it
turned out to be my landlordís house.
Being a decent girl, I refused initially, I didnít want
to give ideas to my landlord. However after much
plead, as a Christian I gave in.
On first meet, he paid me my N90k. However on
realising I am his tenant, he started to see me
most nights and early morning. At times as early
as 4 am.
After spending the night, he will not pay me, rather
he would ask me to deduct each N90k from 20/21
house rent. Although the morning 1hr services, he
mostly paid me that case @30k naira.

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