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Chris Brown Fan Finds Weed Inside Yard Sale Hoodie.

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Chris Brown Fan Finds Weed Inside Yard Sale Hoodie.
« on: November 08, 2019, 02:21:19 AM »

     Chris Brown is really out here choppin' on the
low. The recording artist is doing something nice
for his fans, inviting them over to his house for a
special yard sale, selling designer clothing from
brands like Balenciaga, Supreme, Gucci, and
more for heavily-discounted prices . It's not like
Breezy needs the extra money -- his Indigo
album sold pretty well at the end of the day --
but it gives him a chance to meet some of the
people that are most passionate about his art.
And it also gives the fans an opportunity to own
some merchandise that was once hanging in
CB's closet. Win-win. One woman ended up
leaving the Tarzana residence with a new hoodie
but, once she checked the pockets, she realized
that she was making out with more than she
bargained for.

    As reported by TMZ , a woman who purchased a
"Tumbleweed" hoodie from the sale ended up
finding a pill bottle filled with marijuana in the
pocket. Weed is legal for recreational use in
California but it's still pretty funny that Brown
and his staff forgot to check the pockets to see if
any of their stash remained. The canister is
reportedly labelled "Panda Smoke."
For the most part, the sale has been an absolute
success with many of Chris' fans walking off with
thousands of dollars of goodies for cheap prices.
It's still going on today. The line-up is probably
out of control though. Maybe you'll get lucky and
you won't need to stop by the dispensary on the
way home!

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