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Two drug dealers found guilty of murdering innocent girl scout.

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Two drug dealers found guilty of murdering innocent girl scout.
« on: November 08, 2019, 06:19:11 AM »

       Two drug dealers have been found guilty of
murdering innocent Girl Scout Jodie Chesney.
The popular student had been socialising with
friends in a park when she was stabbed in
the back on the evening of March 1. In a case
of mistaken identity, Jodie, 17, became a
victim of “casual violence” in the drug-
dealing world, jurors heard. Although the
motive was unclear, the court was told how
the defendants had been involved in
numerous violent clashes as they fought to
protect their turf.
Each had denied being involved in Jodie’s
death, with two blaming each other for the
An Old Bailey jury deliberated for nearly six
hours to find Svenson Ong-a-Kwie, 19, and a
17-year-old boy who cannot be named guilty
of murder.
Their co-defendants Manual Petrovic, 20, and
a 16-year-old boy were cleared of murder.
Afterwards, Detective Chief Inspector Dave
Whellams, of Scotland Yard, said Jodie’s
murder was a tragedy which shocked the
He added: “It could have been anybody’s
daughter. She was a very nice girl, she had a
small circle of friends, she did well at school,
worked in the community, she was in the
“She had been up to Downing Street. She was
the girl next door.
“She was just an ordinary girl and that’s the
“She was an ordinary girl going about her
ordinary business and has fallen foul of these
“They have gone there purposefully to stab
somebody and they have not cared who they
“They stabbed a 17-year-old girl in the back
for no reason.”
Giving evidence, Jodie’s boyfriend Eddie
Coyle, 18, told how she collapsed in his arms
in front of their horrified friends.
He said he thought the taller of the two
assailants – said to be 6ft 2in Ong-a-Kwie –
was about to punch Jodie when he “swung
his arm out” and stabbed her.
Mr Coyle said: “She was in shock at first. She
started screaming continuously, very loud,
about two minutes straight. After she stopped
screaming she began to faint.”
Jodie died before she arrived at the hospital
from an 18cm deep stab wound to the back
which almost passed right through her body.
The two killers will be sentenced on
November 18.


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