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Landlady Weeps As Tenant Converts Flats To Hotel.

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Landlady Weeps As Tenant Converts Flats To Hotel.
« on: November 08, 2019, 06:12:27 AM »

     A 75-year-old landlady, Mrs Hannah Otite, has
broken down in tears following the conversion of
two flats in her property located at No. 3 Kafi Street
in the Alausa area of Ikeja, Lagos State, to a hotel
by a tenant, Oshinsegun Ashley, without her
Narrating her ordeal to PUNCH Metro on
Wednesday, Otite said amid sobs that she got to
know about the illegal conversion in December
2017, a few months after Ashley had moved into
the house.
She explained that several attempts to get him to
reverse the situation failed over the years as the
tenant resorted to threatening her.
The septuagenarian said the tenant was introduced
by her agent, identified simply as Kunle, in
September 2017, adding that after paying N1.3m as
the yearly rent for a flat, Ashley immediately
indicated interest in securing another flat that
became vacant.
Otite stated that unknown to her, the tenant had the
dubious intention of converting the two flats into a
hotel without her consent.
She said, “Ashley was brought to me by my agent,
Kunle, and he paid the N1.3m annual rent for one
flat. After three weeks, I went to the property and
discovered that he had not moved in, I called the
attention of the agent, but he said I should not
bother myself since he had paid.
“I later travelled abroad and while away, I got a call
that one of my tenants was moving out to his
newly-built house. My agent again called to inform
me that Ashley was interested in the vacant
apartment for his brother, who was abroad; I was
reluctant initially, because I didn’t want to give two
flats to the same tenant, but he promised to abide
by the agreement he had earlier signed when he
rented the first flat.
“I didn’t know that he was collaborating with the
agent, because shortly after, I got information from
one of my other tenants that he had converted the
flats to chalets. When I came back to Nigeria, I went
to inspect my property only to see that Ashley had
demolished the kitchen and other parts of the flats
and converted them to rooms.
“I wept the day I found out that he had converted
my house to a hotel because it was never in my
plan. After pleading with him on several occasions
to correct what he had done and move out of my
house, he asked me to institute a legal action
against him, boasting that he would not pay rent for
the number of years the case would be in court.”
She added that she had reported the matter at the
Ikeja Police Station and approached the court to
evict the tenant, adding that though the case is on,
Ashley had been threatening her.
Otite called on the state government and security
agencies to assist her to reclaim her property.
Meanwhile, the Convener of the Movement for
Human Rights Volunteers, Musbau Olatunji, has
called on security operatives to protect Otite
following the alleged threats by the tenant.
Olatunji told PUNCH Metro that he stepped into the
matter to ensure that justice was served in the
When contacted on the telephone, Ashley said he
never threatened Otite, adding that there was no
agreement on the second flat he rented.
He stated, “Well, the matter is in court. She was
cautioned last week not to disturb us. This is a
property I got on lease; I have always got lease
property since I relocated to Nigeria. I have never
got a tenanted property and I told her of my
intention and purpose of getting the entire six flats
in the property.
“I got the first flat and six months after, I got the
second flat, and I did not do any work on the first
flat until when the second was available. When I got
the second flat, I told her what I intended doing. I
had done major work there, including marble tiling,
screeding and POP for the entire ceiling, and so on.
I was surprised that after that, she drew my
attention to a one-year agreement.
“The only agreement I had with her was for one flat.
I paid for the second flat and I was not given any
agreement and you are asking me to leave. I am
into the hotel and apartments business and I am
surprised that after I have added value to the
property, she wants me out. How is that possible? I
am not threatening her life and everything is in
court anyway.”


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