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Nigerian lady narrates how she was trafficked to Russia for Prostitution by her Church Pastor

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     A notorious human trafficker, Endurance Ehioze, who also poses as a pastor of a church in Edo state, has been arrested alongside his sister, Vivian Ehioze.
Both siblings, including their mother and uncle, are in the business of trafficking young girls to Russia for prostitution

Endurance, through his position as a pastor, lures young girls in search of greener pastures into prostitution.
One of their victims, a 23-year old Florence Abu, said she was trafficked to Russia when she was 17. Florence was deported back to Nigeria after suffering from some undiagnosed illness.

According to her, Endurance asked her in 2012 if she would like to travel out of the country and that his sister, Vivian, who was based in Russia would finance her trip.

She explained that Endurance told her that she could pay her sister back in two months after her arrival since she was a good singer and a hair stylist.
“The pastor further told me that I might be lucky to even come across a white man that will support me.”
She later spoke to Vivian and she asked her to get her passport ready to which Florence borrowed N30, 000 from LAPO.

Thereafter, Vivian asked her to give the passport to Endurance as he will handle everything.

She also asked Florence to go to her mother’s house, so she could go to Lagos from there but Vivian’s mother told her it was late to travel to Lagos that day.

The next morning, Vivian’s mother woke Florence up, asking for an oath to ensure that she would pay Vivian when she gets there.

“I was surprised that Endurance, who is a pastor, encouraged me to undertake such oath. I had thought that as a Christian we will do it the Christian way. Finally, the mother took strands of hair from my head, armpit, private part and she also collected my pant for the oath taking,” Florence explained to her.
When Florence arrived Lagos the next day, Vivian’s uncle picked her up and drove her to a hotel where he showed her her visa application.
Florence explained that he seized her phone from her according to Vivian’s orders so that she would not be discouraged from proceeding on the trip.

He assured that Florence would communicate to her mother through her pastor, Endurance Ehioze.
“Immediately thereafter, he brought out a condom and asked that I should pull off my dress. I resisted him but he forcefully had his way. He said it should be a secret between the two of us and threatened that if I disclosed it to any one, something terrible will happen to me. He took me to his house and asked me to pretend about

According to Florence, she was constantly molested till her visa came in February 2013.
When she arrived in Russia, the first thing Vivian collected from her was her passport. According to her, Vivian said the passport now belonged to her.

On the third day of her arrival, Florence was taken on a road show to see other young girls who had been lured from home to Russia to prostitute themselves.
“I started paying the money ($45,000} and once I finished paying, I was deported to Nigeria.”
Florence also explained that she was inflicted with a strange ailment and was under medication for almost one year.

According to her, even the doctors treating her was confused because they could not diagnose her illness.
When she couldn’t bear it, she told her mother, who would send her black soap and cream. At a point, her mother sent her money for her house rent.

“Life there became difficult so much so that I had to go to Nigerian embassy in Russia for help before I was deported,” she said.
For Florence, she was deceived that life there was better compared to Nigeria.

“I made all the credits I needed at O’ level but there was no money to further my education; so when the opportunity came, I jumped at it. Besides, my mom was owing to a huge debt and I wanted to help her because of the embarrassment.”
However, it was a different situation when she got to Russia as she was molested till she took ill.

“I was using gas water because of acute chest pain arising from the torture I received from my madam. Sometimes I will just collapse. I was always on drugs.”
She was later abandoned in Russia by Vivian, who came to Nigeria to look for other girls to traffick.

Advising girls, who may want to travel but are ignorant about the trip, Florence said,
“I want to advise young girls hoping to be taken abroad to work that all that glitters is not gold. Yes, abroad is beautiful, but if you are going to be trafficked by someone, you should cry out. Life there is not what they paint to you. Many girls out there are dead and their parents think they are alive. Out of the 300 girls deported in the last one year, about 100 of them are HIV positive.”

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