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Why Osinbajo's aides were sacked - Presidency.

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Why Osinbajo's aides were sacked - Presidency.
« on: November 08, 2019, 08:36:42 PM »

    Nigerian government on Friday has said it
sacked some aides of the vice president,
Yemi Osinbajo, in an attempt to “streamline
decision-making, cut down multiple
authorities and reduce the cost of
“The overriding objective is to save taxpayer
money and deliver the needed service to the
public,” a presidential spokesman Garba
Shehu said in a statement.
“As far as the President is concerned, there
is no scope for an excuse for administration
after getting a huge mandate to run the
country for four more years,” he added.
Shehu said the Office of the Vice President,
shed of a number of such appointees, in
compliance with the directive of the president.
He said president has always had a fewer
staff than the vice president, and there were
always plans to reduce the number of staff at
the Villa.
“The streamlining was not personal or
targeted to undermine the Vice President’s
office, as the so-called insider sources
quoted by the media appear to make it
seem,” Shehu said.
The government’s clarification comes after
several media and critics claimed the
relationship between the President
Muhammadu Buhari and his vice is
But Shehu said the “relationship between the
two leaders remains excellent and trusting”
adding that the rift rumours are originating
from the “minds and mouths of mischief
The relationship between Nigeria’s first two
men have been a subject of controversies.
There are unconfirmed allegations that the
president is trying to silent his vice-president
and also sideline him from the team of men
making crucial decisions about governance.
In September, there were unconfirmed
reports predicting that Osinbajo may be
impeached and be replaced with a popular
pastor from the Southwest.
However, the presidency has always denied
any rift between the president and vice
president. In fact, President Buhari had
vaunted the relationship he has with Osinbajo.
But critics believed his public proclamations
were a mere lip service and insisted that a
powerful bloc led by Buhari’s chief of staff
Abba Kyari has sidelined the vice president.


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