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Africa’s futile scramble for China, Japan and Russia.

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Africa’s futile scramble for China, Japan and Russia.
« on: November 08, 2019, 06:16:55 AM »

      AS the Industrial Revolution swept through
Europe, the scramble for Africa started in
1871. But to prevent wars among European
powers the Berlin Conference was organised,
and held from November 15, 1884 to February
26, 1885. The aftermath led to the partition of
Africa and eventually its colonial domination.
After Ghana’s independence in 1957 most
African countries became independent by
mid-1980s, the bulk of them gaining freedom
from colonialism in the 1960s.
But by early 2000, independence had
obviously failed in Africa. Many Africans
started illegal migrations to Europe. While
European countries are struggling with the
African and Middle East migrant challenge, it
would appear that African countries are now
jostling to hand over their economies to
willing Asian giants, such as China, Japan and
It is a well-known fact that China’s prosperity
has given her unfettered entry into many
African countries with “easy” loans, grants
and the presence of their companies, experts
and tradesmen working apparently to help
tackle infrastructural deficits. China is now so
deep in the affairs of some African countries
that Zambia even enlisted some Chinese
police reservists as officers in their police
force! They only backtracked after a huge
Not to be outdone, Japan established its
Tokyo International Conference on African
Development, TICAD. President Muhammadu
Buhari attended the seventh edition in August
2019. Buhari also attended the Third Russia –
Africa Economic Summit, RAES, which held in
Sochi late last month.
Just like China has done, Japan and Russia
are advancing lots of credits, grants and
technologies to help tackle underdevelopment
in Africa. Russia will go the extra mile by
supplying countries like Nigeria critical
military armaments they need to fix their
security headaches.
More than 40, 50 and even 60 years after
independence, African countries are now
going cap-in-hand to these Asian countries
which have achieved self-sufficiency. We
only hear of what African countries stand to
gain from them but not what they will take
away from us as they are not Father
Have African countries dropped European
colonial masters only to voluntarily acquire
Asian economic overlords, having failed to
make their independence count for anything?
Are we not mortgaging our future generations
to these new “masters” whose true colours
we may discover when it is too late?
African countries must realise that salvation
does not lie in mortgaging their economies to
Asian or other foreign giants. If former war-
torn Vietnam could generate $245bn in 2018
alone without oil or natural resources (more
than half of Nigeria’s total GDP worth) it can
also be done here. Rwanda is already getting
Africa must discard dictatorship and adopt
good governance. African leaders must make
friends with their peoples, make governance
people-centred, educate them, raise their
capacities and use them to launch
development. Only Africans can rescue


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